Monday, January 19, 2009

Spotless Homes Sell!

Ideally, a home that’s on the market should be completely spotless. That includes keeping the beds eternally made, the bathrooms shining, the closets impeccable and the dishes washed and in their cabinets. Anyone who’s had their home on the market understands that this can become tedious as you find yourselves constantly cleaning! So the question you might ask yourselves… is it worth it? Undoubtedly, Yes! Especially if you want your home to sell quicker & for the best possible price!

What happens is that when buyers see typical household clutter, they often form the conclusion that your home as been well maintained. They end up focusing on negative issues such as possible plumbing concerns or whether they have to replace any appliances instead of focusing on the positive attributes that your home has to offer. Remember, while buyers use reason & logic to make their purchasing decisions, they also are influenced by their emotion, adrenaline & imagination!

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  • The Value in School Districts - The quality of the local school district is a strong factor when determining the market value of your home. As a result, many questions can arise during the selling process including: “What’s the average class size?” “Did the school budget pass?” “Are there special programs available?”
  • A Beautiful Yard - In many instances, sellers wait until they are about to put their home on the market before they put energy and attention into improving their home’s landscaping. As a result, in an attempt to create some instant curb appeal, a professional landscaper is called in the 11th hour...
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